Hormone Yoga as taught by Dinah Rodrigues

It works as a therapy by preventing diseases caused by the low hormone level, such as osteoporosis and increased predisposition to cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

The results of regular practice are scientifically documented!

Hormone Yoga  reactivates directly the following glands and organs:

hypophysis                      thyroids

gonads                       • pancreas

kidney                              • adrenals

spleen                               • liver

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Set "Diabetes":

 Hormone Yoga Practice Sequence "Diabetes" is appropriate:

  • for all genders and age groups
  • to prevent hormonal disbalance
  • to restore the hormonal balance
  • for all diagnosed diabetes typ I or diabetes type II
  • when you are diagnosed with diabetes predisposition

Set "Menopause":

Hormone Yoga Practice Sequence "Menopause" is appropriate:

  • for all women from the age of 35 years with or without symptoms
  • for women who do not want to do medical hormonotherapy or who wish to stop medical hormonotherapy
  • for women in menopause, because the exercises are influencing in a positive way the typical menopause symptoms
  • girls and women with irregularities in lenght of cycle and/or intensity, premenstrual syndrome, cysts, PCO, Post-Pill-Syndrom, Hashimoto, thyroid problems
  •  for improving fertility

Hormone Yoga is very effective and therefore inappropriate:

  • during pregnancy and the first 3 months after delivery
  • for hormone related breast cancer
  • presenting big myoma
  • with advanced endometriosis shortly after surgery in the abdomen
  • after heart surgery and during acute heart diseases
  • for persons with severe mental problems

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